With one on one Spiritual mentoring sessions, including Breathing exercises, Ancient healing practices & Chakra Meditations, I can help you balance your life during transitions and Kundalini spiritual awakenings. 

This means the opening of a whole new realm where you can:

  • Reclaim your true self
  • Make a deeper connection with your true self
  • Learn to Be here and now
  • Find stronger alignment with your destiny
  • Clear all unwanted thought patterns that hinders your freedom to be yourself
  • Live, Laugh, Love with all your heart & soul
  • Be Kind to yourself
  • Learn to receive love in all its glory & in all its various forms

If you choose to walk with me on this journey, you will be asked to look at your demons over and over again. You will confront your fears and learn how to make peace with them. You will walk through fire, rise from the ashes with your head up and wearing a divine smile on your face. You`ll know that you have what it takes to create your own life. My promise? It won`t be easy. But it will be so worth it.

Love from my heart to yours,

Rakhee Krishna

All my previous experiences with Rakhee were always insightful and wonderful and I always shared it with my friends and colleagues as they are all interested in hearing about my meetings over skype with this special Shaman friend. Such a conversation captured the attention of two of my colleagues who are also good friends of mine. They expressed a desire to meet this wonderful Shaman friend of mine and we set up a Skype consult with Rakhee. What surprised me the most was the amount of detailed information Rakhee picked up just by looking at their faces.
She told so much about these people she hadnever never met before. She spoke about their family lives , childhood and also what troubled them most, talking in detail even about relationship issues. We are in the United States and she is in the Netherlands and I was a witness in the procedure which lasted around 2 hours during which Rakhee did Soul reading sessions for them. My friends just sat near me and Rakhee looked straight through them.She sensed their energy and interpreted it and talked about their physical as well as emotional issues. Rakhee’s diagnosis was precise and accurate, not vague or generalized. She even named the exact bone which had the imbalance of energy (that bone was fractured in an accident that happened years ago). I was witnessing all this inopen mouthed wonder and awe. For my friends, it was an ethereal and a very surreal experience. It is unbelievable for them that a person who they just met over Skype could see some very personal physical and emotional struggles they have. Rakhee was able topin point the root cause of their issues and suggested remedies. It is wonderful that this kindhearted Shaman can bring such a positive change in the lives of people around her. I am honored to have known Rakhee in my lifetime. I hope, wish and pray that she will be able to spread more and more of the spirit's wisdom that comes through her thereby making wonderful things happen in our world.

Nima Nair, Teacher, Virginia, United States

I contacted Rakhee, the Element Healer two days ago about an Element Healing consult and her coachings and I also asked Lords of the Akashic Records,why and for what purpose Rakhee is in my life.

First I hear the sound of a thunder. The forces of nature. Raining a lot. Afterwords the sun shining brightly. Then the wind arrived. The sea responds to the wind with highest waves. The flow of things.Then you came and showed me a lighthouse, the one of Premià de Mar. You said: "Look at the lighthouse to find the path". Then I saw a lighthouse of a previous reading. (The Masters had told me to ask for help to someone, and I still did not ask for help). I then listened to a chill out music with waves of the sea. It reminded an archangelic attunement with a plant helpful for transformation. 

They told me that I am under transformation. They told me that you are in my life "To show you the path, the way.'' - She is a master."

It was so nice to feel you soft and warm energy, Rakhee. 


Montserrat Escoda
Economista, coach i experta en essències florals.
Barcelona, Spainere. www.montserratescoda.com

I'm so grateful for Rakhee. When I was desperately trying to understand my sons' behaviors, she explained to me what was going on and that their rooms were unbalanced. She explained exactly how to rearrange their bedrooms and the results were instant. My 7 yr old became much calmer and less aggressive, and the 5 yr old was much happier in his room. Rakhee also explained to me the cause of his nightmares and what to expect. In the following session, Rakhee also mentioned that the location of our house and the land it stands on is the reason behind the joint pain my hubby and I have been experiencing and gave us some solutions to help alleviate it. I'm so glad that Rakhee came into my life. Things make a lot more sense now. Thank you for everything!

Svetlana Park,

Jewelery Designer



Rakhee is absolutely amazing and gifted! After utilizing Rakhee's element healing services for my house, the energy felt completely different and I began experiencing profound changes in my life! Rakhee is truly a gifted healer!

Robyn Ringgold



I help people come into harmony within themselves and their homes. I offer tools for expansion, freedom and authenticity and help clear away what does not serve your soul. 

I don’t see you as broken or needing to be fixed. I see you as who you are - a beautiful divine being.I am here to remove the veils that are hiding your magnificence from this world and yourself.

Rakhee, thank you for your time and all your concern n love that you exhibited in our session of healing this morning.

I sensed you have a definite connect with the Divine and u a blessed with the art of healing. Thank you so much for this first session. I always read about you on fb and knew you albeit very little. Now I know you much more and as time goes by I will b so enlightened by Ur light. U sure are my candle of light.

U are amazingly intuitive and v gifted. Today, u helped me relax, reflect and reconnect with my inner self. U boosted my confidence and spirit. Ur such an amazing healer Rakhee. One session taught me a lot. You are friendly, concerned, giving of yourself, sympathetic, generous, kind, cooperative and a responsible strong soul.... A woman to top it all.

Thank you for the insight. I will certainly practice wat you shared with me today and look forward to a long and lasting relationship with you.

Much love n hugs,

Rajashrie. Mumbai, India