​Once upon a time there was a girl who lived in a far away land, in a home surrounded by coconut trees, tropical fruits and Ayurveda medicines. She was raised in a traditional Hindu home, in one of the last joint family systems in the city of Trivandrum,( the kingdom of Travancore) Kerala, with her parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins. It was a house which smelled of spices, richness and stories. Stories about shamans and medicine women in the family, stories of ancestors who practiced  the world's oldest martial art forms,ancestors who could talk to spirits, stories of resilience and courage,stories of ancient India and magical snake grooves. She spend most of her time alone because she was always ill. Her white blood cells were so high, every disease you can imagine attacked her physical body before the age of ten.It was as if Life was preparing her physically and emotionally. 

She almost died four times before the age of ten and the tunnel between this world and the other worlds did not make her afraid; she danced with death fearlessly every time they met.

She preferred to live in the shadows because........ She had a secret. She saw, felt and heard more than what she wanted to see,feel and hear and in the night she was haunted by visions and souls. From physical abuse to emotional abuse to sexual assaults she fought hard for several years. 

Until one dark night, she had a beautiful vision of Mother Kali which changed the course of her life completely.  She understood that she cannot live unless she is living from her heart and once wounded does not mean she was wounded forever. 

Slowly she started accepting herself just the way she was, learned to love herself, connect with her true self, started applying all the Yoga, Ayurveda and Shamanic & Energy healing techniques she learned and after a decade of continuous practice, one day she started her great big journey, from the inside out! From working with sacred plant medicines to assisting people as a Shaman, Spiritual Mentor, she is guided by her divine mother's love along with the guidance of her ancestral spirits and light masters.

After all, what is born of FIRE and has danced with Death, cannot just crumble so easily! 

Now, I am the founder of Center For Mind, Body& Spirit in the Netherlands and I am also the founder of '' The Happiness Project'' , a project that helps NGO's make their little dreams come true. I am also a published author and an artist. 

 I believe that darkness, death,near death experiences and many kinds of pain helped me immensely to understand, appreciate and value  LIFE in all its glory and makes me grateful for all that I have in my life It  constantly reminds me to live, laugh and love fully with all my heart everyday! Life is a dance! Won't you dance your best dance? Sing your best song? 

I am honored to have assisted  in hundreds of people's journeys and healing in more than twenty countries around the world. If you wish to connect with me, come join my Face book page where I regularly share my thoughts. 

Spreading love & hope in the world - One heart at a time! One home at a time! "

 I have devoted my life to giving people the love and guidance they need to transform themselves, to grow beyond their pain, doubt and trauma and to step into the light as divine beings. 

Love from my heart to yours,