A collection of Short Stories

I am passing on the wisdom I am handed down by my Shamanic ancestors in the form of these short stories. This book goes in depth about concepts such as soul, death, life and the importance to live in the present moment. Through my mystic visions and dreams, I communicate with the other world and I have presented this book in a poetical and spiritual way.

These stories and paintings are also to inspire you to be kind to all beings around you,to be kind to yourself and to live from your heart. Each story is supported by a painting created by me.

As a modern day mystic I have devoted my life to giving people the love and guidance they need to transform themselves, grow beyond their pain, doubt, trauma and step into the light as divine beings.May this book help you heal. May you remember to live, love and laugh with all your heart today and always.

May this book inspire you to be kind to all beings around you,to be kind to yourself and to live from your heart.

Each story is supported by a painting created by me.

Details - A5 (148mm x 210mm), Paperback, Color photos inside
Genre - Philosophy 
Featuring five original paintings. Five short stories. 
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What readers say:- 

'' I bought Rakhee's lovely book 'Never ending stories', I thought it may be a gift for someone, but I have decided to hold onto it for now and maybe share it further down the line when I am ready to part with it. What can I say? What an absolutely wonderful work of art, not just Rakhee's gorgeous paintings that adorn the pages of the book but the writing is art in itself. Each story is so wonderful! Really makes you think deeply about little things which would normally seem so small and unimportant, on a completely different and spiritual level. It makes you realise what we take for granted, and that each life is important and connected to everything else. I often found myself both surprised and moved by the end of each story. Really lovely book from a lovely lady. Thank you xxxx 
Olivia S. United kingdom

* I truly love your book, Rakhee. It has an ethereal quality to it, very heavenly. The words float on the pages as they are not bound by limitation and illusion. Your literary descriptions are amazing, the way you use adjectives. I hope this book reaches millions of people and they can come to understand your beautiful philosophy for life. It was a grand honor to read your book. Thank you so much. 
Maureen Thompson, Canada

Taking my time reading this book, has so much more to each story than I expected. It truly is a wonderful read and a must for everyone. Great communication and arrived on time. - Karen. United States

This book is full of the love, passion and peace of the artist/author. I ordered two of them. One for myself and one for my daughter for high school graduation.  The personal touches and messages that were added were a beautiful and loving surprise. Thank Rakhee.. from the bottom of my heart. Billie.P United States

Amazingly beautiful... a must read. - Armani.M, United States

This little book is so sweet and magical! It's exactly like its writer: sweet, beautiful, kind and full of love! Thank you so much, dearRakhee!
- Danny, The Netherlands

This is a wonderful book. It touches your heart and allows your mind to join the journey. Debra. United States

''Some time ago, Rakhee published this book and my parents, being her friends, bought a copy for me to read. I was very delighted with this little book as it held so much positive energy and whimsicality! Each story was accompanied by a beautiful illustration by Rakhee and with both art and creative writing, the book motivates the reader to follow their heart and to, as Rakhee says, ‘Be love, be kind.’

It’s very difficult to give a synopsis on this occasion as it is a collection of stories so I will leave that reading to you.

Rakhee’s writing was very peculiar to me at first as I had never read the work of anyone who wrote in such a way. Each story was in the view of something unnamed and not human. She only wrote what the being was near the end. I guess that this gives you enough time to study the character’s personality instead of their looks and then you won’t have to read the description of a character and let the whimsicality wear off. I hope you understood what I just said there. You can read it over a few times I guess. :)

* My favorite story was the last one, The Story of an Extraordinary Being. Of course, I can’t say much here because I wouldn’t want to spoil it but it left me with an open mind and new things to ponder about.

I give this book a rating of 5 stars! (Yay, celebration!) I hope that it inspires you as much as it did me! And don’t forget, ‘Be LOVE, be KIND’! ''

Nat. Blogger. Canada

                   Never Ending Stories