Welcome  to my life changing courses. If you have found me, It is absolutely no co-incidence.

 I am very happy, humble and excited to assist you in your journey.

    Unlock your Spiritual Power 

This course is especially put together for you beautiful beings, who have reached a point in your spiritual journey,where you could use more tools and assistance to keep moving forward as the divine light that you are.

Here you will learn all you need to know during your big transition from believing that you are simply this or that to believing that you are the Universe, You are a divine being! 

Every conscious entrepreneur who signed up for this course, found their soul's true calling and blossomed and owned their beautiful divine self.

From body cleansing to diet, connecting with spirit animals to connecting with ancestors, this course will change the way you look at life, your body and mind. This course will help you accept who you really are, come in terms with your past and help you understand that you are enough.

10 weeks of one on one Spiritual Mentoring 

         Details :-

                  * 10 live calls every week 

                  * Your energy will be cleansed every time we have a session 

                  * I can discern the energy blocks in your body and guide you in learning you to heal your energy blocks that are stopping you from being your true self

                  * Get a detailed reading about your energetic body and blocks

                  *Learn how to strengthen your chakras and raise your chances to open and sustain a well balanced energy system 

                  * Learn to understand when your energetic body is giving you signs of imbalances

                  * Learn effective ways to cleanse and balance your body

                  * Custom made Healing diet for your energetic body     

                                   * Breath work to help you unlock the blocks in your specific energy points

                  * Guided meditations to effortlessly help you raise your frequency

                  * All you need to know about Negative Energy and how to deal with Negative/ Dense energy   

                        For a detailed 10 week plan, please send a mail to info@centerformindbodyandspirit.nl or 5elementhealer@gmail.com  

Course fee - 1650 euros. Payment plans are available.Send me a mail to talk about the possibilities. 


Unlock your Spiritual power - Advanced course

This course is for all of you beautiful souls who have already done Unlock your spiritual power course with me.

This is a Transformational coaching course for those who are ready to  dive deep into the depths of their souls and start a pure understanding about themselves and the world. If you are ready to grow from the inside out, blossom and lead in your life, this course will provide you with all the tools you need.

I will be honored to assist you in your journey and help you become the greatness you are intended to be.

10 weeks of one on one Spiritual Mentoring 


* 10 live calls every week

* Unlimited email / chat support 

* Learn about the deeper layers of your energetic body 

* Learn in detail about healing your energetic blocks 

* Receive personalized plant remedies to assist you in healing your energetic blocks

* Get insight about your Ancestral blocks and clearance 

* Learn rituals to connect and ask for help from ancestors and spirit guides

* Unlock your spiritual power

* Learn to allow yourself to be

* Learn to let go everything that does not serve your soul's true purpose and being 

*How to share your gifts and be in your divine strength

* Powerful Ancient techniques/ Kriya's are shared with you which were shared to me by my light masters

* I am a certified Yoga teacher (I started doing and learning yoga from my master and father since I was five years old). And later received training as a teacher of Yoga.I use my knowledge in Yoga and share incredible yoga asanas helpful for you to release energy that is stuck in your physical and energetic body from this life and previous lives.

* I am also a certified Ayurveda practitioner and a strong believer in food as medicine, so there is also a detailed session about learning to choose the right kind of food and also the basics of Natural medicine ( food and herbs ) that you can include in order to strengthen the chakras you want to balance. 

* Walk your path with full courage and confidence knowing how you can help and heal yourself energetically. 

Payment plans are available.For the detailed 10 week plan and course fees and further details,please send me a mail to info@centerformindbodyandspirit.nl or 5elementhealer@gmail.com