​​​What is Ayurveda? 

Ayurveda is an ancient system of life (ayuh) knowledge (veda) practiced in India for more than 5000 years. The great Rishis or seers of ancient India came to understand creation through deep meditation and other spiritual practices. They observed the fundamentals of life, organized them into an elaborate system and compiled India’s philosophical and spiritual texts, called Veda of knowledge. Ayurveda finds its roots deeply embedded in the Vedas. Ayurveda places a lot of emphasis on the digestive system and has been studying the affect of food for over 5,000 years. Good health is not mere absence of diseases but is defined as an experience of happiness in the soul, mind and senses. Health is a good balance of the body’s three governing forces, seven tissues, three wastes, digestion and other processes such as immune functioning. Ayurveda lays greater emphasis on prevention of diseases than their cure.

What makes my Consultations & Therapies unique? 

I combine my expertise in Shamanic Healing and Ayurveda, which allows me to get a deep insight
into a person's present body condition as well as their past lives, Vital point blocks and even trauma.

* I also use home grown, handmade Sacred plant Medicinal oils.
After all,health can only be attained through balancing body, mind and spirit.

At a time where many people want to help enlighten you, bring your body in high frequency, high flexibility and all that .....

I  want to help you get in a deep state of relaxation and sleep! Because when you sleep deeper than deep, You get a chance to hear your own soul talking! 

You mind quietens and pulls you inwards, in a deepest form of meditation. Experience our incredible Transformational  Deep Sleep Therapy!

Have you been looking for holistic ways to get your body and mind in balance, without starving yourself or changing the whole essence of your being? Do you want to learn what to avoid, what to include in your daily diet depending upon your energetic body and your physical body type? I can give you detailed guidance - Spices, Herbs, Teas, Vegetables, Fruits you can include for maximum benefit. Unlike a regular Ayurveda dietary consultation, I also look at your energetic body and then prepare the detailed diet plan for you.

Would you like to Book a Dietary Guidance Consultation with me?

Send an email to info@centerformindbodyandspirit.nl 




We are also in our center in Ijburg,Amsterdam twice a month on Saturdays. Feel free to call or mail us to check on the availability.


Contact - Jorge van Meerkerk - 0631321305 

Please make an appointment before visiting our centers in Waalwijk & Amsterdam.

Maria Austriastraat 117, IJBURG, Amsterdam 

& Talmastraat 57, Waalwijk

Thank you! NAMASTE. We look forward to assisting you with your healing and wellness


  • Transformational Deep Sleep Therapy 

Duration -1.5 hours including therapy, coaching & Deep sleep 

What can you expect:- 

The marma/ vital points and area of the crown chakra are activated thereby stimulating body's own capacity for healing and releasing what does not serve the soul. This Shamanic therapy helps your body for deep relaxation, sleep and rejuvenation.We use handmade sacred plant medicinal oil from Rain forests in Kerala for this ancient shamanic Ayurvedic healing therapy.Wear comfortable clothes and bring your pillow or blanket if you like.

Coaching is also included in this session where I assist you in releasing old patterns/ fears or help you in following your goals, dreams and aspirations.

Who is this for? This is for everyone from the age of three 

From someone who needs clarity of mind to business owners to doctors to soon to be brides, mothers, creative entrepreneurs, We have a wide range of clients who love this therapy!

  •  Feel your own power and reconnect with your higher self.
  • This is also very effective for people suffering from trauma from this life and past life. No. I cannot heal you. I can guide you to the most beautiful most powerful part of your soul,after all...all healing happens from the inside, all happens within you. 
  • For people who suffer from Insomnia and sleep problems. 

Because you connect deeply within your self during this therapy and experience relaxation on a much deeper level, this can bring

  • Bring you clarity of mind
  • Improve your creativity
  • Bring  peace, power &  harmony to your mind

In short, this therapy is a journey in itself.  

145 euros( including coaching session, herb tea )

  • Vital point Therapy for Stress, Insomnia,Anxiety

Duration - 1 hour - 145 euros 

  • Vital point - Marma Therapy 

Duration - 1 hour -  135 euros 

* Marma Therapy- Full Body - 190 euros

  • Grounding Therapy

Duration 1 hour - 135 euros

  • Past Life Trauma Release Therapy + Coaching

Duration 1.5 hours - 145 euros

*Vital Point Scan - 350 euros 

* Diet Guidance - 350 euros 

For children under the age of ten

Grounding Therapy - 65 euros 

Deep Sleep Therapy - 75 euros

*All prices are excluding taxes