Finding the right home with Element Healing 

I can help you pick the home that fits you/ you and your partner/ family energetically.

Tell me your dreams for your family, career and for yourself? 

Tell me what you would like to manifest? What are your health goals?

​Tell me what you and your partner wants to achieve in your new home?

Share your dreams with me, I shall tell you which house will be the best match for you and your partner

I shall tell you what you can expect in terms of health, prosperity and over all well being

Send me an email with photos of the houses{up to 3} you have chosen. This is specially for people who are looking for a new home. I shall help you choose the best house/ space for you from the options you have send me. Within two - three days you can expect a reply.

Consultation charges - Depends on the sq. feet of the houses, Starts from 1650 euros excluding taxes. Send me a mail with your floor plan to receive a quote. 

Harmonise your Home with Element Healing 

  • Balance the energies in your home so manifestation becomes easier
  • Create a healthy environment for your family
  • Bedrooms which nurture relationships and health
  • Balance your Children's bedrooms with the purest energies( This will help them to ground better, concentrate and relax more easily)
  • Locate your spiritual corner for your spiritual and self care practices ( I call this the 'recharging' corner )
  • Locate your wealth corner to stimulate finances
  • How to properly cleanse your home with natural energies to improve manifestation ( Do you know just by using natural energies you can follow a powerful cleansing ritual for your home? ) 
  • Create spaces that promote unity and harmony
  • Get the energy flow right for better communication between family members 

Harmonise the space that you have in order to create the best foundation for you and your family to be happy, healthy and prosperous

​ I have three options for you.

1) A Basic Reading

Through a basic reading you can get insight to the first three things can show up when I study your floor plan. There wont be any remedies discussed.

Consultation charges- 250 euros excluding 21% taxes

2) Complete Reading

Through a full reading you can get insight about all the positive and negatives of your new home. You can get a clear idea what you need to be prepared for while living in this house.

There wont be any remedies discussed.Still this will help you to get a lot of insight into your new home.

Consultation charges - 450 euros excluding 21% taxes

​3) Advanced Element Healing for your Home

Through an Element Healing you will be able to balance and energize your home and learn cleansing methods to naturally regenerate your home everyday.

You will receive a detailed custom made e-mail with my set of advice for every room in your house.

  • Price depends upon the sq: feet
  • Please send in your ground plan to get a quote
  • Full house healing and balancing
  • Please send in a video tour of your home

Price depends on sq. feet 

Starts from 1850 euros excluding taxes

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Harmonise your office/ gallery/ studio space with Element Healing

  • ​Enhance the quality of energy so your business is attracting your dream clients
  • Locate and stimulate your wealth sector to generate financial flow
  • Create harmonising spaces for clients and staff
  • Create a space for your business to flourish and prosper

Price depends upon the sq: feet​

Please send in your ground plan to get a quote
Please send in a video tour of your office space
A questionnaire will be send once I start with your consult.